Send a hand-written note

When was the last time you received a hand-written note in the mail.  Whether it be a thank you note, a birthday card, or even a letter from an old friend; do you remember the feeling you had when you checked the mail and saw the envelope?  Did you get a sudden warm-fuzzy feeling as though someone literally hugged you through the mail?

Long ago there was no e-mail, heck there was no internet.  There was no text-messaging or face-time either.  The world was a simpler place, and it seems a lot less busy.  As time has passed by so quickly, the art of a hand-written note seems to be a thing of the past.  Don’t let this happen.  Be the one to send the note.  You!  Yes you!

If you know what it has felt like to be an excited kid getting a card from Grandma or a twenty-something young adult receiving a care package in college, then as an adult wouldn’t it be great to carry on this tradition?    You have the ability to hug someone or put a smile on someone’s face who truly isn’t expecting it.  The beautiful thing about the old fashioned U.S. Postal system is that when you put your letter in the mail, there is NO instant gratification other than your personal knowledge of doing a nice thing.  This simple act shows that you took time out of your day to think about the receiver of your note.  (insert the warm-fuzzy feeling).  Your message can be short and simple or long and heart-felt.  It’s absolutely the thought and time you put into it that counts.  And I must confess, I have kept many of the hand-written cards and notes I’ve received over the years.  I can probably bet you have kept a few yourself.  By sending your note to a loved one or friend, you too will become a kept memory to reflect back on and smile.  Face-time and text messages can’t exactly do this, now can they?

Tip of the day…  the next time you pass a dollar store, pick up a few cards and keep them around the house.  (Even pick up some stationary if you like from your local card store.)  Also, keep some postage in your home office as well.  From time to time, take a moment and send someone special a note in the mail.  If they live around the corner or across the country, getting a piece of mail that is personal and NOT A BILL is a refreshing moment in anyone’s day.

Second tip…. If you are travelling somewhere and you happen to be without your loved ones or significant other, send them a postcard from wherever you have travelled to (while you are in the midst of your travels).  Even if you are gone a few days, it is a great way to show them they have been on your mind even as you are away.  I actually sent my husband a postcard when we first started dating while I was on vacation in Kay Largo, FL just to let him know I was thinking of him.  He still has that postcard today.  It makes both of us smile when we run across it in the house.

My friends, take a moment to send some love in the mail, share a kind thought and as always… have a happy day.

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