Layering for style and warmth

Fall is here and soon to be winter, that means it’s time to break out the winter wardrobe.  Let’s be sensible this year about how we all dress in hopes that we are not only all fashionable of course, but also not overly dressed as to sweat in our clothes as we go from the cold to the warmth of a heated room.  That’s a great way to catch a cold!

So this brings me to the topic of layering.  This is one of my very favorite ways to dress.  It allows you to not only dress for all climates (both inside and out), but also slowly moves from summer to fall to winter without just tossing those tank tops or light long sleeves into a bin to be forgotten until next spring.  This may sound like a silly thing to write about for you permanent northerners. But for those southerners or transient folks, this is an important lesson that has to be learned.  I myself, have migrated slightly north from a very southern area and have learned that it is a bit colder here and for longer periods of time.  YIKES!  No flip flops and tanks tops year round?  There are places with seasons?  It’s beautiful yes, but that means learning how to dress appropriately for all types of weather.  Again…. Layering.  A light long sleeve or short sleeve shirt and pants or leggings is a great start.  Add an open flowing sweater with some flats.  Need a bit more warmth outside, add a scarf.  Need warmer yet, lose the flats and add boots and to go even warmer add leg warmers or fluffy socks and turn those leggings into thicker pants.  There are endless possibilities.  It is important to remember to keep in check your textures and lines.  You don’t want to end up looking like a crazy bag lady with a thousand pounds of clothes hanging off you.  If you are going with a little more bulk on top, even that out with a thinned out sleek look on the bottom and some fun shoes.  Keep that balance in your look no matter what.  NOTE:  Remember to check the mirror a few times as you are layering because as you take those layers off inside, your look will absolutely change!

No matter what, always have fun with your look and keep your brand and your trend true to you.  And remember, have a happy day.  Dressing good will help you feel good all day.  Stay warm this winter!


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