Ever see a pin on Pinterest and think wow that looks great and $300 later end up with a hot mess? US TOO! This page is dedicated to all of the moms of the world, the busy, hard-working husbands and wives that enjoy DIY projects but may not be as handy in real life as they think they are in their heads. The posts by “The Go To Girls” are posts for the regular ordinary person who wants to be crafty, wants to bake, and wants to try a new at home project! YOU CAN DO IT! We know, because we have tried and we are only posting the ones that we can all do!  There will be bloopers, funny out takes and our pitfalls along the way.  We are real people learning and growing right along side of you!  

Do them without breaking the bank.  
Do them and have fun the entire time with little to no frustration.   Do them and want to do more projects like them. Feel empowered!   Feel Creative!   If you need help, ask us. Want to find a fun project but they all look too hard, let’s find one together. Stuck inside due to snow storms or a hurricane… let’s find inside family fun together. This is your page as well as ours. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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