A leap of faith (and credit to a good friend)

To be honest starting this process was done with the idea of sharing fun projects, recipes and ideas with friends and family members as I investigated new creative ways to have family time, do fun little DIY projects for myself and learn a few new recipes for my husband and myself to enjoy.  This has turned into my passion!  I started by creating a Facebook page. (I had to learn how to do that of course).  Then I branched out into the world of Instagram.  (Again, another learning curve for the lady who remembers when pagers were cool!)  Turns out those two levels of social media have had a pretty good level of success and I am ready to move on once again so here I am and here you are!  Please be patient with me.

So where do I start?  First, I have to thank a good friend of mine Alan for the courage to keep moving forward within the world of technology and the internet.  He has helped me so many times and I cannot thank him enough.  If you ever need any website assistance, please seek him out directly at http://webprodesigngroup.com/

Now for the disclaimer….  Any errors you find on this site are a direct result of this lady and no reflection of Alan.  He is kind enough to offer me guidance and teach me as I move through this process and allow me to make mistakes and then reach out for help (which is my preference) rather than take the reigns and just create the site for me.  So, if you find some weird thing happening, give it a day or two and check back.  I probably broke something and have reached out for help.  LOL  (That means laugh out loud!  I’m learning)

Back to growth and the excitement I have of blogging and sharing my experience, strength and growth of this ups and downs of this crazy life we all live.  I love to do DIY Projects.  I love to bake.  I love to go on fun adventures with my family and friends and I want to use this platform as a way to share all of those fun and exciting things with you so that you can expand on them and turn them into your own fun wild and crazy times with your friends and family.  I hope you enjoy this journey as much I as intend to.  Have a Happy Day!


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