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Welcome to Mrs. Go to Girl’s creative playground!  Let’s bake, Let’s build, Let’s paint or draw!  This is a place where your heart, mind, and soul can roam free and we can all just be a kid at heart.  So many of us are busy with our family, our work, our extended social calendars and it’s difficult to find time to fit in a new dinner recipe or maybe figure out plans for spring break with the kids or grandkids.  This is your place to do all that and so much more.  Mrs. Go to Girl is your resource for so many things.  Life Hacks, DIY Projects that she has tried out herself, or crazy cupcake ideas that are fun and creative.  From time to time, she will also share her thoughts on life’s little lessons.  I invite you to click on the Blog link and read the blogs.  They are posted regularly.  Follow the page if you like and feel free to follow me on social media as well.  I try to post different items on each.  My goal is to ignite your heart to find a creative side you maybe didn’t know you had, of if you are already a creative person this page may help you find fun stuff and new ideas for yourself and your family.  Life is short and you only go around once, let’s make it a beautiful place while we are here.

Let this crazy Grandma help you navigate some adventures for your family.  and remember…..  have a happy day!

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